21 October 2015

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03 October 2015

My 2015

I don't know what to write.. Just my life now doin better and better than yesterday.. I am doin my master this year and hopefully can complete it by the end of the year, do pray for me.. right now, I am struggling a bit and I am in a stage of collecting data using survey.. yet, it took me so long to gainin the 250 samples... If someone who read and find my blog, mind to answer my survey... Your cooperation is kindly appreciate... I'm crying...

05 July 2014

Medan, Indonesia

2014, this year is a new year for our family. The first year since I can remember, we are going for family vacation.

The view above the sky

January 30
We arrived at airport around 2-3pm, getting into bus and enjoying the view. However, the view is so-so, not so nice, just a plain highway full of vehicles and the green corridor. It was raining when we half the way. The tour guide briefing us about our tour, where we are going, how long the journey and what we can buy or experience there. It took 5 hours on the bus to arrive at Danau Toba.

We stayed at Danau Toba international Cottage Parapat. We reach there at 8pm, and nothing to see, just black sky with a few stars. Luckily, the place quite nice, cozy, and without air-cond (just the natural wind and breeze). But for me, it too cold and always getting a nightmare. Huhu.

Wake up time heading for breakfast

 I am fat. What the heck, enjoy the journey

 After the good breakfast, we started our journey to Lake Toba

January 31
We started our second day from Parapat to Lake Toba, using the cruise boat, we does enjoy the scenery. However, the cruise took about 1 hour and half, we all with tired and bored face. At Lake Toba, we learned about history of Batak people. There are 5 types of Batak, I cant remember any. hahaaha. But the value thing I learned are the welcome greeting, "Horas!" means welcome. There are many shops with clothes, souvenirs, key-chain and what else, you mane it. I bought congkak key-chain, so cute! The price also not so expensive, you can nego the price you want, if they too good to give you. The place like small beautiful village full of local products.

On the cruise boat

We are at Batak Toba Village. Horas!

This is the old village that turn into museum, where once upon the time, there were a sacrifice rituals, loads of people and the weather so hot. The architecture of the building unique and has it own character of each Batak people

February 1
Now, we are at the Brastagi, from the cottage, we can see the eruption of Sinabung Mount. All the cottage we stayed are without air-cond, the breeze of the wind are too cold to cool down the temperature. Feels like at Europe.

Background of Sinabung Mount, cant see it clearly, assume it there

After Brastagi, we are heading to Medan town, yet stoped for tea-time and enjoy the Sipiso-piso waterfall scenery, having a hot pisang gereng was lovely after 5 hours ride on bus. Such a tired journey on bus only.

Sipiso-piso waterfall and tea-time

February 2
The last day, we visited the old and preserve castle, where the king and queen has passed away by accident yet their heritage cannot been heir by their son because he was 10. Tragic story behind the scene.

The photograph of the castle

For conclusion, our journey to Medan, Indonesia was a quiet adventurous, because it loads of on bus journey with dangerous and narrow road, even I dont even think to open my eyes all the time. The journey from place to place took 4-5 hours per day, we can only spend time about 1-2 hours at one place. It is recommended for those people who want to experience shopping, especially ladies...! too many goods here, but for children, I dont think they will like to enjoy here. The budget overall for 6pax are MYR 6k ++ not include the shopping and other expenses.


05 May 2014

This is the Life.

I've been away for more 4 years from this things. All I do is living the life. Study and seek knowledge for 6 years only to get a piece of paper which labeled with Bachelor Degree, and what have i do for my living? [NONE]  Why is this happening?

I am unemployed for almost 1 month, this is because I tried to do things that I can earn for my living, love for what I have study, learn new things, socialize, and to give a better life for my family. When I told people that I was studied LA and work as LA, they give me a huge expectations with WOW, good. But, truth is I love to work with the environment yet the profession is not a life. It is just a things that we can show off to people.
I do not want to be like that. I just don't.

What I see for life is something we appreciate in our living, happiness, see other world, explore new things. That is what I call LIFE. Nowadays, to seek happiness, we must earn respect, and to earn a respect, we must have position and also MONEY. "It" control the world. But, supposedly we are the one who control "it". I don't have triple or double zero in my wallet, yet in my saving, and I still happy with my life because I have the one that I love who supporting me, loving me, and helping me.

We travel together when we have extra money, we create a memories that will lasting forever to be remembered. That is all matter to me. We talked about moving to the village where no busyness, no traffic jam, no metal engine, no concrete building, and just we with our home, our love, create a better living for our future children. However, to earn that, we just have one thing -- MONEY$$. That thing control everything in this world, this new era. People with technologies, no more playing along with siblings, no conversation, just text.

The more I think about it, the more depressed I felt about my life. With my qualification, lack of experience, many companies took advantages with paying lower salary. I have waste 4 years of my time to polish my skills, but when it turns to career, they always talked about experiences. My salary before just 1,8k per month, supposedly with EPF, yet after 3 months training, I did not get any confirmation, my salary stay at that k, my EPF, hmmm, wasting to talked about it until I quit. It just small landscape firm, with 2 workers, yet they refuses to increase my salary, late paying, usually 3-7th day, and I received the check (need to wait for 3 more days), I need to work faster, but when you get the slowest pc in the world, how can I get the job done by time?? I also did not get OT when I stay late, I waste my time for nothing, when I took emergency leave, they mad at me saying that I need to applied first, but when the other workers, just OK.. WTF. This employee took advantages on me, giving me too many work, I just working alone in the office, no socialize, just me, and I am living in fear.

That is not a job, please consider other's life. I should be selfish too, no need to think about others. They cannot control my life. I have LIFE to entertain..

I currently seeking job but I do not know what job I should get involved with. I love to meet new people, I love to design and create things, explore new things, experience LIFE to the fullest because at one point, I just need my family to be with. That is only matter to me. Now, it always come to one question.. What can I do for my living?

17 April 2012

If I can Turn Back that Second

I am dreaming of the chest of diamonds
I am dreaming of the memories we're having together
I am dreaming of where you are
You are standing by my side whenever I am happy or sad
You are looking deep to me with fullest of hope
You are my best friend ever, but I am sorry I let you down
I let you go from my side
I forgot you for a second and there you are snatch by others
I am sorry for not taking good care of you
I am sorry I am forgotten you..
If I can turn back that second, I would take very good care of you
Never let you go away from me
YOU will always be by my side
I am sorry dear, I am regret for the rest of life..
You are the best friend ever.. I am dreaming of you since I have lost you
I am missing you so much... Dreaming of you make me sad
I am still dreaming that second
I wish it would never happen.. I wish to seeing you again even pieces of you
I wish you can forgive my forgotton..
I am sorry for that second.. :(

24 January 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

SelamaT Hari Raya Aidilfitri...
to my friends, my other friends, my network friends... and all of people in the world..
Wahh..!! Looking very excited celebrating the Raya huh..
ya lorh, becoz this year my fasting is totally FULL... Yeah, feeling soo good...!!

haha.. becoz of the Raya allowance--- ? really? allowance? Weirdo ~ @.@
as the oldest and cute sistah, essential to ME to received the most highest money collections..
haha.. In your dreams lah. Equilibrium

My Raya not so cool... worst.. terrible...
dun want to details it...
I'm gaining weight lol.. I thought I'm losing it, duh.. Pay for it b***h.. haha

Look for yourself la.. Zip it!
Dun want to talked more.. Bye..
Hate this.

Makngah + Family (ex. Farah Hanim Family)

My Family (Shahimi, Sarimah, Syazana, Syazwani, Syazreen, Syazril)

Makngah + Mama + Kakla = Gossipzz!! (counting the Duet Raya) :P 

The Family.
The 'Oldtimer'

The Chubbiness in Pink.
Me in Raya Mode. Pose. :P
 Session in making Cimbam to cried.. by Mama. :)  poor him

Raya at Maksu House, Ampang.

Lendu, Melaka - Ampang, Selangor.

23 January 2012

My Drawings... Mr. King

Four Seasons + Day/Night Landscape
using Pencil + Pen

What do you think 'bout the result?

the techniques applied to showed the differences between :
Night and Day
meantime, showing the 4 different seasons
Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter

Canon Digital 
Home Sweet Home..... :)

Perspective 1 Point
sketch using Pencil + Pen

Simple Perspective Ugly drawing made by Me.. :)
Diff part at the stairs.. took longer than I thought.. *sigh.

12:42 am

10 January 2012

Time Recent.

For the rest of my life I never found happiness
My heart used to be broken for my whole life
I seek the happiness but it never last longer
Even the relationship called Friend.

I'm proposed with my Heart
My Hope
My Truth Feeling
My Desire
My Commitment
As to be part of You.

All you care only the enjoyment you need for your entertainment
I hate that enjoyment you seek
I just want to be someone special in your Life
I hate being labelled as Slut
All I want just to be Me
To be Love as I Am.

I knew that I'm imperfect
I'm not the type of Girl you dreaming of
I'm used to be rejected because of my Appearance and my Sincerity
I'm sharing part of Me for You
I used my Precious time to accompanied you.

I do not want anything from You as the Reward
As long as you Accept me as Myself
I would be very Thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to Met you.

Many thought I'm Adore by many people
But the truth is I am NOT
I'm used to be Hated and Cursed by them because of my Arrogant
I am NOT arrogant but just Traumatic with my Past.

I really want to be Close to you
Take care of you
Being your Ears to your tough days
Being the Doll for you to be Safe.

I used to be that Person once until I'm realising that He hate me because of my Busy Body
He told me Never Ever bother him and his Life
I am NOT worth for him as a Friends.

Is it wrong to Take Care of you?
I am NOT asking much from you
I am NOT asking you to Called me
I am NOT asking you to Text me.

I just want to be part of your Life even a Friend
I am learned from my Past
I am letting all the SHITS past behind
I have comforted myself to forget it Forever
I am succeed to be do it in my Life.

I am telling myself to be a Selfish person even to a friend
And I am Sorry for who I am NOW.

My promise NOT to disturbed your Life ever
I am hoping your Life would be in Good shape
I guess it would be Better without ME
Maybe I am NOT suited you.

You hate me because of my Appearance
You shame on ME and I knew it already
NO need to be mentioned.

I am SORRY for my Imperfect
I am Learning each day to be a Better Friend
I am Looking Forward for the future NOW.

Thank you for making me Realize it
Thank you for being my Friend
Saying Goodbye to the Memories we built was hard for me even for a short while
I am thankful for the Moments I experienced
It does changed my Perspectives NOW.

Thank you so Much
I will be seeing you in another Time of Life
I am praying for your good Life
I will be here as Myself remain the Same seeking the Truth Happiness that God Reserves for ME
Hopefully I will NOT forgetting You as part of my Happiness
Take good care of yourself
Have a Wonderful Life
May God Bless you. Amin.

20 September 2011

Baju Raya nanaMade..

title..haha..pttff.. *no comment.
before Aidilfitri 'Eid..
the baju kurung my mum bought has no *sprinkles... (maniks2) wht they called it? :|
plain baju kurung, handmade by tailor..

so, to complete the baju, my mum ask me to sew the maniks to the baju..
I dunno larh.. ask the tailor to finish it larh..u paid her rite?
haha.. if I can said that*

I'm driving my dad's car to the shop..looking 4 the maniks..
too large....? umm-ummph.. too small? NO* -too difficult.
medium amoi? oh yeah..~ hahahaha.. *crzy btch. :|

sew the maniks.. the red one, blue, green, white....bla bla bla....
to the baju kurung.. hentam sajalah*
wht u think I care about the result?
of coz not.. why not? its only baju kurung meyh..
no one look for the details of maniks..
they just looked it shine,sparkle,only... the arrangement ---OUT*

*the result.. haha.. No words..
judge urself.. *today I dun feel like doin' anithin'~ I just wanna lay in my bed..~laalala* :P